SolarDrive on Top at Pro Golf Car Florida

Solar power for electric cars
golf, utility, NEV, LSV etc.

Unrivalled Quality

Unrivalled Quality

SolarDrive solar roof for golf cars 5

Perfect for golf resorts

SolarDrive Houston Zoo 1

Perfect for amusement parks, zoos, hotels etc

Solar roof for golf car 3

Perfect for privates

SolarDrive solar roof for electric cars

The Original - Invented and developed in Denmark

SolarDrive Hainan Moonbay Golf Club 1

Great economy for fleets

SolarDrive at Houston Zoo

Long or short, low or high - we fit!

SolarDrive S2E with Sun Shades

Sun visor in the front, sun visor in the back - you tell us!

SolarDrive at Curtin University
Solar roof for golf cart 4

Cool Scandinavian design

SolarDrive HKJC New fleet 1

No worries - just leave them in the sun!

SolarDrive on Top Yamaha

For easy retrofit on any car

SolarDrive solar power for golf cars

Modular and flexible - for small cars...

SolarDrive solar roof for golf cars 6

...medium cars

SolarDrive Houston Zoo 8 passenger

...long cars

SolarDrive University of Alabama1

...and utility cars

Solar roof for golf carts 1

Also available as complete solar cars

SolarDrive solar roof for passenger transport

Solar power systems for electric cars
golf, utility, NEV, LSV etc.

SolarDrive Security Car

Tailored solar cars - just as you need it!

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