…it's true, these carts never run out of juice

On the 3rd of June 2010 New York Times published an article reporting the experiences of Sebonack Golf Club going solar with SolarDrive.  Last summer the club invested in 40 SolarDrive S2E solar roofs for their entire fleet of electric golf cars.

"They've been fantastic," said Mark Hissey, Sebonack's vice president. "We couldn't be happier. They look great, and the members have been very pleased. And from an environmental standpoint, they make a wonderful statement." 

"I tell people that since going solar, we've never had to go out and retrieve a dead cart from the golf course," Hissey said. "And that makes people really curious and envious. But it's true, these carts never run out of juice."

Read the whole article in New York Times.


Sebonack Golf Club 3

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