SolarDrive Golf Car transport Comes to Ecovillage, through Golf Cars International in QLD Australia 

A new mode of transport has come to residents of the Ecovillage in the beautiful Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast.

The famous Club Car golf vehicles have been adopted by the award-winning village as it 'official' mode of transport.

"The village roads are ideal for smaller vehicles and the golf car concept is perfect for our road infrastructure," says Chris Walton Managing Director of Land Matters the developers of the Ecovillage.



"We sought tenders from the golf car industry and have come to a satisfactory arrangement with the Club Car brand," he said.

"A specially designed Club Car solar vehicle has been supplied to the Ecovillage for our sales team to transport visitors around the village.

"We will also be announcing shortly an exciting marketing concept that will see many more similar Club Car vehicles being used by Ecovillage residents," Chris Walton said.

He added that the Club Car vehicles were 'ideal' for areas like the Ecovillage for a number of reasons.

"Firstly, they are the right size and travel at a safe speed and can take residents to the many village amenities without starting the larger family car.

"The vehicle we have here has a solar capacity and is easy and costless to charge considering that all homes at the Ecovillage produce cost free electricity," Chris Walton said.

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