Roaring Fork Club Goes even Greener with SolarDrive

The Colorado based Roaring Fork Club has just introduced SolarDrive units on a part of their Electric Vehicle fleet.

The Roaring Fork Club is committed to the environment and the surrounding community; their mission is to sustain a healthy and clean environment for their members. The Club has earned the National Environmental Stewardship Award and is a certified Audubon Cooperative.

We congratulate The Roaring Fork Club with their new effort with CO2 Neutral SolarDrive units installed by our Colorado distributor Hollins Enterprises.  For further info call (970)-309-4572 or contact SolarDrive.

SolarDrive at Roaring Fork Club 1

SolarDrive at Roaring Fork Club 2

SolarDrive at Roaring Fork Club 3

SolarDrive at Roaring Fork Club 4

Pictures provided by Marcus Hollins of Hollins Enterprises

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