Customized Solar Power - What can we do for you?


SolarDrive's team of experts is prepared for unusual challenges. Here are some examples:


Doha New International Airport

In close collaboration with ISF, represented by Capt. Ali Hassan Al Rashid and our distributor QIECO in Qatar we developed an advanced security car equipped with 500 Wp solar power double battery package, 'mobil office layout' and remote control cameras, x-ray and scanning equipment:





For the world famous ice cream company, Ben & Jerry's, we have tailored an 810 Watt solar roof for their sales trailer. In addition we have rebuilt used electric Club Cars to carry energy efficient freezers, all powered by solar roofs.

Ben & Jerry's are highly conscientious at the company's social and environmental responsibility. Read more on

The trailer is equipped with 9 solar panels at 90 Watt each. When the trailer has been safely parked, the roof is easily adjusted by remote up to 45 degrees both ways in order to optimize power production. During road transport the roof will be locked horizontally to the trailer. The total nominal power of 810 Watt is handled and controlled by an MPPT at 24 V and either directly transmitted to a 230 V inverter for instant powering of the two large ice cream freezers inside the trailer or transmitted to the battery pack under the trailer for later use.

At a festival in Denmark the trailer was very popular:

Trailer at festival 1

CC and trailer at festival

The rebuilt Club Cars have been equipped with a 180 W solar roof, a smaller but still very efficient freezer and 2 outlets for 230 V. One for the freezer and one for other applications.

Solar power solutions like these can be customized for several kinds of utility and catering vehicles.


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