Need a strong PR driver or an attractive Return On Investment? 
...with SolarDrive you will have both!

An electric golf car or utility vehicle with "SolarDrive on Top" is powered by pure solar energy.

The functionality of SolarDrive's roof cells - in essence, the ingenuity of the converter mechanism - is the key.

All they require is daylight to generate their energy output, boosting battery life and powering an electric golf car every day of the year.

This means not only does SolarDrive equipped golf cars increase driving efficiency and thereby enable golf clubs and hotels to rent out the same car more often, it also reduce utility costs.







Solar golf car run by
Robert Trent Jones at the opening of Lübker Golf Resort in Denmark

. RTJII lille


Your benefits with SolarDrive on Top

  • CO2 emission free charging and driving
  • Charge while driving and golfing
  • Increased running efficiency
  • Rental revenue improvement
  • Reduction in electricity charging costs
  • Continuous charging cycles lengthen battery life
  • Fits most golf cars and utility vehicles
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation
  • Easy transfer to your next golf car*
  • Carbon footprint neutral after one - three years depending on place of deployment**

* The S2E/S2F systems will outlive your current golf car and can easily be transferred to your next solar powered golf car.

** Mono or Poly SI solar cells can be expected to produce up to 10 times as much CO2 free energy as used during the production process. The resulting "pay back" time is affected by the place where the solar cells are put into action. Obviously in northern Sweden you won't have the same result as in Arizona.

ved soe

It goes by many names: Solar powered golf car, solar powered golf cart, solar golf car, solar golf cart, solar powered electric vehicle, solar electric vehicle, solar LSV, solar street car etc. Call it what you like, it's all solar and a benefit for the environment as well as your wallet.
Let the SolarDrive team prove your case.

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