CO2 emission free charging and driving

CO2 reduction: 1 S6F = 4 – 25 trees

A typical electric golf car powered by SolarDrive S6F will save electricity equivalent of 150-200 kg or 300-500 lbs. of CO2 annually.*

We would have to plant up to 25 trees to achieve the same level of CO2 reduction.**

In other words, a golf club with a fleet of 80 cars would have to establish a small forest consisting of up to 2000 trees covering several acres to achieve the same carbon emission savings that can be achieved through equipping their fleet with the SolarDrive S6F.

Fortunately, one does not preclude the other

* For more accurate calculations please request a SolarDrive Impact Chart for your specific location

** Depending on climate zone, soil character and tree sort the typical CO2 sequestration amounts to 20 – 80 lbs. per tree per year. Ref.:, (calculator)

*** The expected CO2 payback time for silicon based solar systems is 1 – 3 years depending on place of deployment. Expected lifetime for silicon solar panels are typically exceeding 25 years. Ref.: Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles, Environmental Science & Technology, Vol 42. no. 6.

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