The SolarDrive S6F solar system is designed to unlock new possibilities for your electric vehicle, providing you with two key benefits: an extended driving range and the ability to maintain higher battery state of charge.


The actual range extension achieved with the S6F solar system can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Location: The amount of available sunlight in your region plays a significant role in determining the extent of your range extension.
  • Time of Year: Solar power generation can fluctuate with seasonal changes, affecting the system’s performance.
  • Weather Conditions: Cloudy or overcast days may impact the solar system’s ability to charge effectively.
  • Driving Style: Your driving habits, such as acceleration and braking patterns, can influence the system’s efficiency.
  • Tire Pressure: Proper tire maintenance can affect the energy efficiency of your vehicle.
  • Driving Surface: The type of road or terrain can impact your car’s energy consumption.
  • Battery and Drive Chain Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s battery and drive chain is essential for optimal performance.
  • Car Weight: The weight of your vehicle can affect its energy consumption and, consequently, the range extension.


Curious about how much your electric vehicle’s range can benefit from the SolarDrive S6F system? Just ask us! With access to NASA weather databases, general consumption statistics, and a few specific data points from your end, we can calculate the estimated gain you can expect from the S6F system. Whether it translates to extra miles on the road, additional holes played on your favorite golf course, or a percentage increase in total consumption, we’ve got you covered.

Ext Range Example Spain

The chart above provides an example from Spain, showcasing the potential range extension with the S6F solar system. Keep in mind that your actual results may vary based on your unique circumstances and driving conditions.

Ready to explore the possibilities of extended range and higher battery state of charge with the SolarDrive S6F solar system? Contact us at info@solardrive.com or call (+45) 70 20 19 89 to start the conversation and discover how solar power can enhance your electric vehicle experience.

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