Why is the S6F solar canopy frame made of aluminum and not plastic?

The inherent qualities of strength, stability, durability and light weight found in aluminium meet our requirements in manufacturing a high quality product. Aluminium enhances the modern Scandinavian design and protects the solar panel better than plastic of similar dimension.

When you claim the S6F solar canopies for golf cars and utility vehicles provide 30 – 95 % extended range in typical applications, what does that exactly means?

In sunny conditions the S6F solar canopy will provide an extra 1.5 – 2.5 kWh per day. Under continuous driving conditions, this is enough to extend a golf car’s range by at least 35%. Under normal golfing conditions, with intermittent stops and starts, this extra solar energy may well be enough for the golf car to run for several days or weeks, making normal recharging unnecessary. During golf tournaments held in Denmark (latitude 56°N) we have experienced several weeks of unimpaired driving with no need to recharge from the grid.

Can we dump our wall charger?

No, not entirely. There will probably be situations and conditions during the year when solar power is insufficient. And even when the solar canopy provides enough power for your driving demands, it is recommended occasionally to give the batteries a charge from the standard grid charger. Especially if you are using lead acid batteries. The grid charger provides a higher amperage that will allow lead acid batteries to equalize.

Is the S6F canopy performance the same on cloudy days as on sunny days?

The performance of the S2E solar canopy depends upon the intensity of energy generated by solar radiation, also known as insolation. On average the insolation on a horizontal surface varies from 1 to 9 kWh per m2 per day, depending on the time of year and the location. On a dark, cloudy day, with very low solar radiation, the solar cells’ power production will be reduced proportionately. However, the S6F solar canopy is equipped with an efficient MPPT controller technology, which ensures maximum possible solar energy input and counteracts energy loss due to insufficient voltage output from the solar panels.

Can I still park my car in the garage?

Yes! If the car is fully charged when you park the car, you will not lose any free solar power. However, if the car is not fully charged, it is recommended to park outside allowing the solar system to catch all available sunlight in the early evening or early morning before you need the car again.

What if a golf ball hits the solar canopy?

Some of our earlier versions came with solar panels made with tempered safety glass. They could withstand most golf ball hits and hailstorms as well. However, if hit hard enough they would shatter. Out of several thousand, we have seen less than 5 incidents where panels have been destroyed by blows. Made with a strong polymer lamination, the new S6F solar panel is even stronger. If a big hail or a golf ball hits directly at high speed, there might be a dent in the panel, and the panel might in worse case lose a small part of the power.

Why do you use tempered glass instead of plastic to cover the solar cells?

Tempered glass is durable. Glass is easier to clean and will maintain its transparency over time. This is important for ensuring maximum long term efficiency of the S2E solar panels.Plastic is prone to scratching and tends to lose its transparency.

What about damage to the S2E solar canopy when hit by hailstones?

Under normal conditions hail will not harm the S2E solar canopy. In extreme situations, though, when the hailstones are large enough to damage ordinary cars, they will probably also damage the S2E solar canopy.

How do you connect the S6F solar canopy to the golf car?

The S6F is intended to replace the original plastic canopy. The process is very easy. For instructions, please consult the Installation Guide or the User Manual that comes with the product or download a new under SUPPORT.

If your car is leased, remember to keep the plastic canopy for when the car must be returned.

Can I buy a rain enclosure to fit the S2E solar canopy?

We are currently developing various accessories including rain enclosures.

How long will the S6F last?

We can’t say for sure yet. The solar panel has been designed for 30 years of service, the aluminum frame even longer. We don’t know the potential lifespan of the MPPT controller, but should it fail, it will be quite easy and affordable to replace.

To back our claim, we can refer to the older S2E systems were many after 15 years of service have survived several cars already.

Will the S2Esolar canopyhave any negative impacts on the Club Car IQ system?

Not if mounted correctly according to SolarDrive instructions.

What do you do with the original plastic canopy after replacing it with the S6F solar canopy?

Store the existing plastic canopy in a dry place until the car is to be sold. The S2E solar panel can be transferred to the newly acquired model, and the old golf car can be re-fitted with its original plastic canopy, ready for sale. In the event of disposal of both the old golf car and the plastic canopy, seek information on correct environmental disposal from the re-use/recycling authorities in your local municipal area.

How can I see that the solar canopy is set for 36, 48 or 60 V?

The older S2E/S2F systems had controllers suitable for 36 and 48 V. Some S2F even handles 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 V. If you have one of these systems, the voltage setting can be adjusted by a key switch situated at the top of the controller. The new S6F handles 48 and 60 V only. This is either controlled by a jumper on the outside of the unit or in a bluetooth APP for your cell phone. Please follow the instructions in the specific manuals.

If I order a new Club Car can I have it delivered with anS2E solar canopy?

On ordering your new Club Car, stipulate which model S2E solar canopy suits your requirements. On delivery, your new Club Car will be fitted with the S2E solar canopy of your choice.

If I order a new E-Z-GO or Yamaha can I have it delivered with an S2E solar canopy?

On ordering your new golf car, stipulate which model S2E solar canopy suits your re-quirements. On delivery, your new golf car will be fitted with the S2E solar canopy of your choice.

How much does the S6F solar canopy weigh and will it have a negative impact on my car?

Despite the high power of 375 Wp, a complete S2E solar canopy weighs approx. 16 kg/35 lbs. This is approx. 4.5 kg/10 lbs. heavier than a standard plastic roof. Fully loaded most 2 seater golf cars weigh over 500 kg/1100 lbs.. The extra weight added by the solar canopy will only have a marginal impact on the performance and stability of your golf car.

What about lightning?

An aluminium frame affords the best protection if struck by lightning.The S2E solar canopy unit, comprising of the photovoltaic panels and metal frame, form the top of a Faraday cage; the uprights and the vehicle itself form the other side. Experts in the field assure us of the advantages of this construction. Among other things that often act as Faraday cages are:Cars and aircraft, when struck by lightning. The metal frame and outer skin of the vehicle cause the electrical charge to travel safely away from the occupants.

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Where can I buy a S2E?

Check our updated distributor list here.

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